Thursday, December 08, 2016

Human Rights Diversion

Human rights are a closed circle. They are just enough to enforce themselves.

Freedom can be protected only when we protect each other's rights. This requires voluntary cooperation between equals to promote their common interests even against superior centers of power.

For voluntary cooperation people need to speak freely, to travel freely, to associate freely and to make business freely. These rights should allow them to govern themselves freely.

While Internet surveillance directly threatens our free speech right, the establishment promotes bogus human rights as a diversion. The right to sexual identity and rights for handicapped people are on the list. Of course the right to sexual identity may be a part of free speech, when the community allows it, and of course the community should decide to offer facilities to handicapped people such that they can live and even contribute to the society, but these fringe consequences of human rights are nothing but a diversion as long as human rights are broken and communities are not functional.

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